Valuing People

One of the joys of working in and with third sector organisations is the passion and commitment of the people in it – the staff, Directors/Trustees and the volunteers.  The energy that people put into making the world a better place and supporting people with a wide range of challenges and needs is amazing. 

But often we see the people in the sector over-working, delivering on a shoestring and giving more of themselves than perhaps they should.  It is often suggested that ‘we put on our own oxygen mask first’ and ‘give from surplus rather than going into deficit’, but this can be challenging – particularly for people who really care about their work and their clients.   

Mid-winter is a time of celebration for many, but also a time for reflection and looking back (and forwards).  Maybe take a moment to check in on yourself, and on the staff and volunteers within your organisation.  How are they doing?  Are you supporting those people (including yourself) as well as you do your clients?   

What would enable you to do what you do, but with more support for your staff and volunteers.  What simple changes could you make so that people feel more valued, and more able to say when they need support or are struggling.   

The sector is so very needed (more than ever) and its sustainability is dependent on the people within it being able to continue.