Fountains of Hope

I recently came across these fantastic awards that the Marsh Christian Trust run:

For me, these really highlight so much of what is amazing about the charities & social enterprises we support:

  • People being passionate about causes and people
  • People being who they are, and using their varied skills and passions to make a difference
  • Some taking the ‘wide’ view, and others focusing in on the most specialist of areas
  • People doing what they do to the best of their ability
  • Celebration of achievement and excellence

In particular, I love how the diversity of all the organisations and people, taken as whole make such a difference to our society…. Children are supported, monuments are looked after, skills are valued and developed, knowledge is developed, species are protected, people with a history of addiction can move forwards, sculptures are sculpted, wars are remembered, our heritage is valued, the achievements of refugees are celebrated, carers are supported… and, (possibly my favourite)…  there is an award for excellence in public fountains.

In a time of control by huge multinationals in our businesses, let’s celebrate the small, the quirky and the excellent.

Sarah Taragon